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Jinan Yalin Billiard Goods CO., LTD is the world professional high quality billiard table manufacturer which was generated in 1993 and located in Jinan-Capital of Shandong Province. Yalin insists on the principle that high quality start the market, Confucian Entrepreneurs style inspires the customers and the greatest discount carried to the end. Through introducing the international advanced production lines, employing the international elder billiard experts, we always improve the production methods and the level of the product quality. Now, Yalin has become an international corporation integrating production, sales and commercial trade. Yalin owns the modern production base 10,000 square meters with the production capacity 20,000 units per year. We can produce the international standard snooker tables, pool tables, Chinese 16-ball tables, carved article tables, Russian tables, family entertainment tables and those according to the special requests of the customers to supply OEM&ODM services. To use the imported tiptop material, we not only create a beautiful outline but also guarantee the functional index after a strict, scientific and systematic processing. Under the strategy that focusing on the domestic market and aiming to the global development, Yalin exports its products to more than 70 countries including USA, France, England, Japanese, and United Arab Emirates etc, meanwhile we also extend our business to more than 20 national provinces and 51 cities to form the entire business net home and abroad. In this way, Yalin enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad and deserve the trust and good comments from all the customers. With more than 20 year’s efforts, Yalin is growing to be the most famous brand in the international billiard industry. Yalin people insist on international oriented, willing to be in solidarity with the entire world billiard people to share the big dish of “Billiard Industry”.

Customer customization

Billiard table customization, can choose the color, material, style, slate, sets, etc. Also is the framework, are generally made of hard wood, especially the four edges of the ball table of small nations, more is the use of high-quality hardwood, such as teak, oak, willow by wood is better. The main body of a direct impact on the stability of the billiard table, so in the purchase, we must understand clearly. Do not buy some inferior timber frame, a long time to deformation; affect the effect of hitting the ball.

Club Show

Century Star is located in Binzhou Bohai seventeen seven road Yellow Road Interchange, convenient transportation and beautiful environment. It is a billiards, table tennis, chess tea, bar, 5D cinema, animation, entertainment and leisure in one of the luxury

Dealers Center Zone

Yalin International Billiard Goods— Province sports center, and the mainly business are YALIN、BCN、BRUNSWICK、JOSEPH、KON、SLIVER、CACIQUE、RILEY and so on, all of them are the famous brand in the world. During the trial operating time, enjoy twenty percent off discount! Please visit us!

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